PRA Inc.

4821 226th Place NE
Arlington, Washington
USA 98223
Tel: 408-743-5300

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fire fighting airplane

PRA Inc. was formed in 1987 to service the test and measurement needs of the quartz crystal oscillator industry. The company has expanded into all parts of the quartz crystal industry. The company has also provided custom test and measurement systems to other parts of the electronics industry.

PRA Inc. is a privately held Arizona corporation. The company does business on all continents and has developed a wide range of products. For example PRA Inc. had equipment used to fight the large oil refinery fire in Turkey when the earthquake of 1999 struck. The equipment was mounted in the Marsh Aviation Turbo Prop S2 airplane now being used by the California Division of Forestry and in Turkey. Other versions are being used in South America.

PRA Inc. has a widely skilled staff who are available to resolve customer problems. PRA's diversity of skills is illustrated by the range of systems and successful use and deployment of PRA products to meet customer needs.

In January 2004, PRA Inc., relocated to the Seattle, Washington area.